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Anton Bilton is Executive Deputy Chairman of Raven Russia Ltd and Executive Chairman of Raven Mount plc. He was the founder and majority shareholder of The Raven Group, the residential arm of which was acquired by Raven Mount plc in 2004. He has been a founder and director of three other companies that have floated on London's AIM.

Bilton, 43, has a £22m stake in the London property business Raven Mount and a £10m country mansion, plus wider family wealth. - Anton Bilton

Anton Bilton serves as Property Manager of Raven Russia Ltd. Mr. Bilton founded Raven Group and served as its Chief Executive Officer. He co-founded Raven Audley Court PLC in 1991. He co-founded Avanti Capital plc. Mr. Bilton serves as an Executive Chairman of Raven Mount Group PLC, and Raven Audley Court Plc. He serves as a Director of Raven Mount Group PLC and Raven Audley Court Plc. He served as part-time Executive Director of Avanti Capital Plc. He served as ... Non-Executive Director of Avanti Capital plc from April 2005 to April 2006 and Keystone Solutions Group Plc (United Kingdom) until July 7, 1999. He served as a Non Executive Director of Founded Avanti Capital Plc from April 2005 to April 2006. Mr. Bilton served as Director of Angela Flowers Gallery Plc until August 28, 2007. He is an Economics graduate of the City University, London.


Raven Mount Limited - Anton Bilton

Raven Mount was founded in November 2003 by Anton Bilton (Executive Chairman),
Bim Sandhu (Chief Executive) and Glyn Hirsch (Executive Deputy Chairman) and
took control of Swan Hill Group PLC, the housebuilder, in December 2003 in a
hostile takeover supported by Swan Hill's four largest shareholders.

In December 2004, shareholders approved the reversal of Anton Bilton and Bim
Sandhu's private residential development group, Raven Property Holdings plc, for
a total consideration of up to £39.9 million payable in Raven Mount shares and
began a strategic reinvention of the business.

In July 2005, Raven Mount subscribed £10 million towards the £153 million
flotation of Raven Russia Limited ('Raven Russia') on AIM. Raven Russia was
formed at Raven Mount's instigation as a vehicle for institutional shareholders
to invest in the Russian property market with an initial focus on the Warehouse
property market in the Moscow and St Petersburg regions. Raven Mount's wholly
owned subsidiary, Raven Russia Property Management Limited, acts as the property
adviser to Raven Russia. In April 2006, Raven Russia raised a further £310
million through the placing of 270 million shares at £1.15 per share.

Raven Mount is actively involved in the development and management of
Independent Living facilities for the elderly through its Audley brand in which
it has a 75% interest with the remaining 25% being owned by the management team.

Audley has commenced development on four separate schemes, representing a total
of 408 individual units, at St. Elphins (Matlock, 127 units), Mote House
(Maidstone, 87 units), Inglewood (Berkshire, 96 units), and Ilkley (Yorkshire,
98 units). Audley owns and manages existing facilities at Willicombe Park
(Tunbridge Wells, 67 units), Flete House (Devon, 30 units) and manages Hollins
Hall (Harrogate, 171 units), totalling 168 units under management.

In addition, Raven Mount continues to investigate suitable resort/second home
opportunities, both in the UK and internationally. Raven Mount has outline
planning consent, in a joint venture with John Hitchcox and Yoo Limited,
comprising a hotel and 160 second homes in 650 acres at Coln in the Cotswolds,
of which it currently has detailed consent for 52 units.



The Buzz about Lisa B - Anton Bilton


What I hadn't grasped about Lisa B is how incredibly attractive she is - more than any other star or model I've met, except Helena Christensen.

So it was a case of before and after with her: before I saw her, reading the cuttings, I thought she sounded very American, with her comments on how ambitious she was and how she'd never have stayed in the "hood" or wanted to be with an unsuccessful man (she grew up in a crack- and gun-ridden area of Brooklyn and her brother was jailed for armed robbery).

But after I met her I thought, of course, if you look like she does you're going to want a successful guy.

She is perfect - you look at her and can't find one flaw.

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Lisa B

Model, singer and actress Lisa B is living the ultimate modern-day fairy tale: She's married to a multimillionaire, has two children and enjoys a successful career

A quarter Irish, a quarter Italian and half Puerto Rican, Lisa B - real name Lisa Barbuscia - arrived in London in 1989 aged 17 to cut her teeth as a model, having spent four years at the Fame school - New York's High School of the Performing Arts. She worked variously as a model, singer, actress and photographer - she did modelling campaigns for Chanel and Guess, recorded dance music for Pete Tong at London Records, and her biggest acting role was playing Hugh Grant's bitchy American publisher girlfriend in the second Bridget Jones movie.

But perhaps not surprisingly, given her looks and the fact that she never quite broke through in any of these arenas, she is still best known for her boyfriends. Anton Bilton

A month after she landed in London she fell in love with Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot, lead singer of band-of-the-moment Curiosity Killed the Cat, and overnight her life became a "whirlwind of fabulous parties" (though she describes herself as quite spiritual and clean-living).

After three and a half years with him she hooked up with the Marquis of Cholmondeley, David Rocksavage, and spent three years shuttling between his stately homes and Brooklyn.

This was during her singing stage when she was performing at obscure rave clubs.

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Lisa B

A quarter Irish, a quarter Italian and half Puerto Rican, Lisa B arrived in London in 1989 aged 17 to cut her teeth as a model

Then, having been linked to various eligible bad boys - Bruce Willis, Prince Andrew, Damian Aspinall, Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant - she met the divorced multimillionaire property tycoon Anton Bilton (who previously went out with her friend Tara Palmer-Tomkinson) and married him.

Six years on they have two sons (Orlando, two and a half, and Noah, 18 months), a house in Kensington, West London, and a stately home, Tyringham Hall near Newport Pagnell, which was designed by Sir John Soane with grounds laid out by Lutyens - Anton spent £10 million on the renovation.

Meanwhile, Lisa, 36, has embarked on a new strand in her career portfolio: writing. Her first book, Lisa B Lifestyle Essentials, is essentially a self-help manual; an attempt, she writes, to "distil the knowledge I've gained from the various worlds I've inhabited".

Hence it opens with the "essential you", offering advice on confidence and positivity, and moves on to various other 'yous' - the fit you, the stylish you, the organised you - covering everything from bleaching facial hair to correct dinner party placement.

It's all rather delightful and if some might question why Lisa particularly, more than anyone else, can advise us how to live, the answer could be a multimillionaire husband, stately home, gorgeous kids and full-time nanny.

Speaking personally, I would say that she is such a lovely person, so kind and open about her background and her life, I would give her the benefit of any doubt.

I totally understand why Anton Bilton, having invited her to a weekend in the country, followed her to the kitchen after dinner, leaned over, and said, "You're lovely. Can I kiss you?"

"Well, I'd gone through enough relationships at that point in my life, and, being very organised, I was thinking, 'How do I organise having children? How do I make a list for this?'

"And Mr Right hadn't really come along," she explains.

"I knew clearly what I didn't want - I certainly didn't want a womaniser.

"I wanted someone who loved working and was driven and enthused.

"Yes, I wanted someone successful, because it's harder for a man to be with a woman who is successful if he isn't.

"And definitely someone my equal because I'd dated men who were not that, and it was tricky."

Anton, 43, is certainly sucessful. The grandson of Percy Bilton, who founded one of the country's biggest construction and property companies and a director of Avanti Capital, he bought a 'significant' stake in Warner Bros Studio Stores UK and is the chief executive of the Raven Property Group, which has bought 11 hospitals in recent years.

So did she think he was amazing straight away?

"No!" she exclaims. "Because when we first met he was married and looked completely different!

"Funnily enough, his ex-wife Anna sent me a photo the other day and said, 'This is the version you didn't get!'

"I think they were married about ten years and you get settled and start gaining weight - at the end of his marriage, he decided to sort himself out, style himself up, get fit.

"He orchestrated a long weekend at a house in the country and got my best friend to make sure I came along.

"And we spent three nights together, a big group of us, and I saw him in a different environment.

"It was really nice, because," her voice softens, "he's really lovely!"

Lisa maintains Anton was single by the time they got together, despite subsequent claims that she stole him from Tara P-T.

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Lisa B

Lisa B says: 'It wasn't so much that I wanted to get out of Brooklyn, but I had a lot of ambition'

We are talking in the basement of their three-storey Kensington house, which is where they spend their time during the week - the L-shaped room has a brown cushioned seating area around the TV, colourful kids' toys piled in a corner and a big kitchen table at the end.

Lisa has laid out biscuits, fruit and water on a tray and talks, kneeling on a cushion, pushing aside her fringe with the tips of her fingers. She is wearing a grey cashmere jersey and jeans, and you notice her English-American accent - basically American but with odd English pronunciations for some words.

She says her mania for organisation and lists is what prompted her book.

"I'm a bit of a geek and I have a lot of PowerPoint programmes!" she admits, laughing in embarrassment.

"Even my builders look at me and say, 'Oh my God.' Every single paint can has to be labelled.

"I've always been very organised. There were times when I was working in three cities a week as a model, and I seem to have always been doing up a house.

"I plan on having another baby at the end of this year. I'm having a girl!" she insists.

"It's part of my schedule! Must have girl!"

Even given this, her guides to table manners and dos and don'ts as a guest seem a little unlikely from someone who grew up in a neighbourhood "where sometimes people in the tenement house across the street would break out into a fight or you'd have someone running down the street with a gun".

But - and she herself points this out ? "I didn't learn any of that until I came to England, because we don't have seating plans in Brooklyn."

So being the girlfriend of a marquis, I say, must have been daunting.

"It was a bit odd," she concedes.

"But people have this perception of major celebrities or, say, David, who has two stately homes, that they're not normal. And they're just really lovely, humble and kind."

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Lisa B

Married to property tycoon Anton Bilton, Lisa divides her time between their house in Kensington, West London, and a stately home in Buckinghamshire

It was through Rocksavage that she met the royal family and was later linked to Prince Andrew, though she says she never dated him.

"No, I got photographed next to him and there was another friend even closer to him and they cut her out of the picture!"

What about Mick Hucknall? "No."

Damian Aspinall? "Never. He's a friend."

Mick Jagger? "I did his music video when I was, like, 20, but nothing. I know him! I see him in Mustique. It just makes good stories."

Bruce Willis? "Friend."

Hugh Grant? "No, I was just his girlfriend in the movie."

I say she has had a Cinderella ending and she gives a laugh of pleased surprise.

"No! That's very nice, but every part of what I've done in my life I've always worked very hard for."

It's true. It's no coincidence that Lisa starts her book with positivity. She is clearly an absolute dynamo with five or six projects going at any one time.

"There are fundamental essentials in life - who you are, the foundation of you - that you really need to get right," she says.

"Then the rest falls into place. I think one of the most fundamental things is if you're a happy person."

Of course, I note, people might say it's easier if you're beautiful and rich.

"Well, yeah," she concedes. "But, if I see a beautiful person, how I perceive them can change as soon as they open their mouth.

"The beauty can be gone in seconds if I hear arrogance, rudeness or negativity."

But her biggest bugbear is judgmentalism.

This no doubt is to do with her brother Frankie having spent four years in prison on New York's notorious Riker's Island - he now works for the Elevator Union of America.

She stresses that he learned right from wrong from her Catholic parents (her father Frank was a biomedical engineer and her mother Melba a paralegal; they worked in a hospital), but fell in with the wrong crowd.

"That was hard," she says. "Prison was scary for him, and we were scared for him.

"But he's come out of it so much better. Like any family, when you've got someone out of control, they've got to hit rock bottom."

The Barbuscia siblings have all had very different destinies.

Her sister Wanda works as a construction foreman in Florida.

Lisa thinks her own success is down to her parents' work ethic and getting into the Fame school at 13.

"It wasn't so much that I wanted to get out of Brooklyn, but I had a lot of ambition.

"So much so that I would drive my mother to my own auditions," she says.

"I wouldn't say the English are becoming Americanised, because the English would hate that!

"But they are certainly changing their view, so that it's a good thing to want to be successful at things and look great and be fit."

And what's her husband like, I ask? She smiles.

"He's unbelievable. He makes me look lazy - and that's saying something!"

Her routine these days is domestic - she shares childcare with the nanny (the Filipino woman, I presume, who I bump into wheeling a slightly grumpy-looking Noah through the gate as I leave).

"I've become more of a homebody now I have kids," she admits.

"Because it's exhausting!

"I'll cook dinner for me and my husband here. Maybe two nights a week we'll go out to an event."

She looks at her watch.

"I have to pick up Orlando!" She jumps to her feet.

I leave with respect for this woman who combines pragmatism and dynamism with a feminine, almost radiant, good nature.

She could be so spoilt - but she's not.

Anton Bilton



Raven Mount Group plc ("Raven Mount" or the "Company") - Anton Bilton

Transaction in Own Shares, Total Voting Rights and Holding in Company

Raven Mount announces that, in accordance with the terms of the general authority to make market purchases of its own shares granted to it by shareholders of the Company on 28 October 2008, the Company acquired for cash in the market 196,000 ordinary shares of 0.1 pence each in the capital of the Company ("Ordinary Shares") on 3 December 2008 at a price of 10 pence per Ordinary Share. The purchased shares will be held as treasury shares.

Following the above transaction, and in accordance with the Disclosure and Transparency Rules, the Company confirms that its issued share capital consists of 108,670,588 Ordinary Shares (excluding 5,728,729 Ordinary Shares held as treasury shares), with each Ordinary Share carrying the right to one vote. Therefore the total number of voting rights in Raven Mount is 108,670,588.

The above figure of 108,670,588 may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their voting rights in, or a change in their voting rights in, the Company under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

As a result of the above transaction, the revised holdings of the directors of Raven Mount and persons connected to them are as follows:

Director/connected person



Anton Bilton



Bim Sandhu



Glyn Hirsch



James Hyslop



Rory Macnamara



Robert Ware



Mark Kirkland



Pardeep Sandhu*



Santon Capital Plc*



Santon Investments Limited*



Godfrey Bilton Life Interest Settlement Trust*



Bilton Family Discretionary Settlement Trust*



Hillside Management Services Limited*



MS Sandhu Life Interest Settlement Trust*



Sandhu Family Discretionary Settlement Trust*



DK Sandhu Discretionary Settlement Trust*



Tenon (IOM) Limited as trustee of the Trust**



The Sandhu Charitable Foundation ***



The Bilton Charitable Foundation ***




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